Fruit Fly Ninja offers a high margin & high turnover impuls product for retailers in Australia and Europe.

The most successful segments are: supermarkets, greengrocers, hardware stores, garden centers and drugstores. Gas stations have not been successful with it so far in terms of retail sales, however they have been using the product successfully themselves.

Fruit Fly Ninja is a small and discrete fruit fly trap of ± 3 x 5 cm. It is the most effective solution against indoor fruit flies (also called bar flies). The Fruit Fly Ninja contains an organic fluid and even the packaging is biodegradable.

It is very easy to use - you don’t have to refill the trap with dirty fluids or any other substances. No difficult-to-open or hard plastic packaging, you don’t even have to put it together. Just twist off the cap, remove the liner from the tape and stick it close to the problem area. That's it!

Two types of displays are used to sell the product in store: a counter display and a floor display:


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Fruit Fly Ninja has been interviewed by a large Dutch radio station (Aug. '17) on why it has been so successful, and why it's launching in Australia (English subtitles):

Fruit Fly Ninjas are also used by supermarkets and hospitality venues, they say:

"On average we use about 6 - 10 traps per week. The small bottles are replaced once they start getting full. The warmer it gets the more fruit flies we have. It works immediately. Within minutes they come near the trap. It works good when you keep your fresh produce department clean."
Albert Heijn Zonnenberg supermarket, The Netherlands

"We’re going to continue using the Ninjas, because they really work. I would definitely recommend this product to others in the hotel branch.” 
René Groot, General Manager at Hilton Hotel Double Tree in Amsterdam

"We used this product and it does exactly what it promotes, definitely recommend!!
Stormy Colors Bar and Grill, Texas

"This product is, without a doubt, the most effective means of eliminating fruit flies that I have seen in the 20 years I have spent in the Pub business. We started using Fruitfly Ninja a number of weeks ago and the effect was huge. Safe, discreet and massively effective, I would expect Fruitfly Ninja to be a real game changer in this industry."
Patrick Ryan, Owner Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub, World Trade Centre, Rotterdam 

"We’ve been using the Fruit Fly Ninjas for over a year and I’d estimate they’ve saved us 10-20% in lost turnover.”
Mieke Spelde, pub owner in Haarlem, The Netherlands

"The store managers tell me it really works. The fruit flies crawl into the traps and not the juicers. The concept has really proven itself.
Edwin Boenink, Law and Regulation Specialist at COOP supermarkets, The Netherlands

"We’ve chosen to incorporate the Fruit Fly Ninja into our product range because it provides a unique solution to a widespread problem. We also like the fact that it contains no chemical additives and is small and easy to handle.”
Annelies Clements, National Sales Manager at Bunzl Retail & Industry

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