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Fruit Fly Ninja: trap fruit flies effectively and conveniently


On the internet you can find a thousand tips on how to combat fruit flies / bar flies. All kinds of vinegar mixes, fruit, alcohol in small jars, plastic containers, saucers, plastic bottles and so on. It takes too long to prepare, it takes up too much space and it is simply not the most effective solution.

Fruit Fly Ninja®, a small and discrete trap of ± 3 x 5 cm, is the most effective solution against fruit flies / bar flies. The Fruit Fly Ninja® contains an organic fluid and even the packaging is biodegradable. It is very easy to use. You don’t have to refill the trap with dirty fluids or any other substances. No difficult-to-open or hard plastic packaging, you don’t even have to put it together. Just twist off the cap, remove the liner from the tape and stick it close to the problem area. That's it!

Fruit flies / bar flies breed in waste. They prefer fermenting and rotting fruits, which serve as ideal food sources for their larvae when they hatch. This makes your garbage a hub – or, more precisely,  an incubator – for fruit flies.

Other typical hotspots are juice makers, beer taps, coffee makers, fruit bowls and kitchens in general. The key to solving the problem is placing the trap near the hotspot and catching the flies before they have the chance to breed. For example, place the Ninja at eye level near problem areas like garbage bins, fruit bowls and beer taps (see real life cases here).

Patents pending!