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1.1 What is Fruit Fly Ninja?

Fruit flies are annoying and unhygienic. Sometimes people even feel ashamed for it, and for many companies who have visitors in general it’s a must have to create a fruit fly free environment.

We solve fruit fly hindrance with Fruit Fly Ninja: it’s a small handy trap with a sticker, with which you can stick it anywhere needed - on eye level close by the hindrance area.

1.2 What makes Fruit Fly Ninja better than other traps?

Fruit Fly Ninja has a unique position compared to other traps:

  • Our Ninjas make our customers happy, where others left them disappointed.
  • It's more effective, our customers in the food industry claim: 'it's the only satisfying solution available.'
  • Our traps are also designed for comfort and a friendly user experience. This resulted in the most user-friendly trap there is.
  • The trap can be placed anywhere and out of sight, thanks to the handy sticker.
  • You will never have to be afraid that the trap will fall over - its fixated with the sticker.
  • Our products are made of biodegradable materials.
1.3 How long will one pack of Fruit Fly Ninjas last?

If you use one trap per week, then the following periods account:

  • Try Out Pack: 2-4 weeks at its strongest
  • Starter Pack: 8-16 weeks at its strongest (you might use two Ninjas in parallel, cutting the weeks in half)
  • Pro Pack: 15-30 weeks at its strongest (you might use more Ninjas in parallel, dividing the number of weeks accordingly)
1.4 Are Fruit Fly Ninjas available throughout the year?

Yes, the webshop FruitFlyNinja.com is open the whole year round 24/7 and has continuously stock. Also our resellers have stock all year round.

1.5 Can I get a subscription on Fruit Fly Ninja, so I can get new packs automatically in my mailbox?

Many people find it very convenient to get new packs on regular basis. We can arrange this for you via email.
You can choose yourself when you want which packs.

Your subscription can be cancelled immediately at any given time.

Please send us a message and we will arrange your subscription for you.

2.1 Where do I need to stick the fruit fly trap, IN or ON the garbage can?

The best spot to stick the Ninja is on eye level near hindrance areas. You can find out for yourself which spot works best for you. Some people stick it in the garbage bag and forget about it, others stich it ON the can. The garbage attracts a lot of fruit flies, making the trapping rate extremely high when the trap is located so close. But a Ninja will work on all places where you experience fruit fly hindrance. 

2.2 Do the traps also attract other insects?

No, in principe the attractant is specifically engineered to attract fruit flies. We never experienced or gearde that other flies flew into the trap. One time we got a feedback that an ant crawled into the trap. Good riddance.

2.3 Is the attractant toxic?

No, the attractant is not toxic, it’s even food grade!

2.4 Can I buy refill liquid?

Taking all things into consideration it’s both cheaper and more convenient to just install a new Ninja due to time savings, stocking cost and bill of material: the liquid is the most expensive part. 

2.5 What if my child swallows the liquid?

This should not be any issue, the liquid is food grade and not toxic. And probably the child will not do it again: it doesn’t taste that great (although fruit flies disagree).

To be sure: let the child drink a lot of water, by doing so everything gets diluted. 

2.6 Do you smell the attractant after installing it?

No, only when you come really close you can smell them. In principle the Ninja will only be noticed by fruit flies.

2.7 Is the use of Fruit Fly Ninja environmental friendly?

Yes, the traps are made of biodegradable plastic and materials. This means you can just trow it away with the garbage, or choose to recycle it with other plastics. In nature the trap will be degraded in between two to four years. This minimizes impact on the environment.

We strive to minimise impact on the environment and hope to inspire others as well to use biodegradable materials.

2.8 How does a Fruit Fly Ninja works?

A Fruit Fly Ninja is a very simple but handy trap: once a fruit fly is lured into the trap via the funnel, it cannot find the exit anymore.

A Fruit Fly Ninja can be placed very conveniently:
1. Remove the cap
2. Take the liner (sticker foil) off
3. Stick it anywhere on eye level near hindrance areas
4. That’s it! The Ninja is ready for its mission.

3.1 What’s the delivery time?

Your order will be handed over to the postal company with 1 working day. So depending on your location you can expect it to arrive with the next few days.

3.2 What if I don’t receive the package?

If for some reason you don’t receive your package you can contact us. Please create a ticket in your account This way we can see immediately your order number and its status.