Mieke Spelde, pub owner in Haarlem, The Netherlands

“Fruit flies are a real pest to a pub because they love beer. They’ll often fly around the tap and empty beer bottles stacked in crates. Customers leave when they see fruit flies because they think your place isn’t hygienic. When I see a half empty beer glass with a fruit fly in it, I know what time it is.

We had tried everything – red wine, special foil, honey, expensive commercial traps – but nothing worked. Then I read an article in the newspaper about the Fruit Fly Ninja. I thought I’d give it a try. And guess what? It worked! In one week, all the fruit flies were gone and the fly traps were stuffed. Fantastic.

The product is extremely user-friendly. The fly traps are transparent, so you can see right away whether or not they contain flies. And they’re are nice and small, so you can stick them anywhere and well out of the view of customers. We put them on trash cans and on top of beer crates. We’ve also put one on the beer tap. The price-quality ratio is excellent. You get more than your money’s worth. We’ve been using the Fruit Fly Ninjas for over a year and I’d estimate they’ve saved us 10-20% in lost turnover.”

René Groot, General Manager at Hilton hotel Double Tree in Amsterdam

“For a hotel of our stature, it’s essential that we don’t have fruit flies. This was a problem in our building. Our guests noticed the flies in the restaurant area, and they let us know they weren’t pleased. Our main pest control operator wasn’t able to solve the problem. Neither was a second expert we hired. Someone in my network told me about the Fruit Fly Ninja. I immediately loved the name, needless to say.

It didn’t work right away. But after some tips from Ferdinand about where to place the traps and how often to change them, they started to work and the fruit flies disappeared. The nice thing about Ferdinand is that he’s not only knowledgeable, he also provides great after-sales service. He’s not just someone who only drops off the product to get paid. He called to see if everything was working well and was really involved.

We were able to put the boxes where our guests couldn’t see them. One of the places we were having trouble was the drip tray of our coffee machine, which often contains water. You can’t always keep it dry, especially during the three-hour breakfast service. So we stuck a Fruit Fly Ninja to the back of the machine. We’re definitely going to continue using the Ninjas, because they really work. I would definitely recommend this product to others in the hotel branch.”

Annelies Clements, National Sales Manager at Bunzl Retail & Industry

“Bunzl is a total supplier of packaging, disposables and hygiene products. We’ve chosen to incorporate the Fruit Fly Ninja into our product range because it provides a unique solution to a widespread problem. We also like the fact that it contains no chemical additives and is small and easy to handle.

As the promoter of this product at Bunzl, I’m in touch with Ferdinand a lot and we’ve got a great connection. I love people like him who put their heart and soul into their product. If there’s no passion for the product, I lose interest. Ferdinand really goes all in and, even when there are setbacks, he never gives up.

To introduce the product, Ferdinand provided sales training at our office to food retail and industry clients. His presentation was concise, with clear examples and an attractive video. Everyone was convinced.

The turnover rate of the Fruit Fly Ninja mostly depends on the weather. As a repeat product, it has great potential.

Many of our clients are big companies, so when it comes to marketing products we often depend on approval from the head office. That’s why this product requires some patience and perseverance, especially because it’s new.”

Edwin Boenink, Law and Regulation Specialist at COOP supermarkets

“We were having problems with fruit flies in our stores because of our orange juice squeezers. In some stores, we put up fans next to the juice squeezers to blow away the flies. That wasn’t a permanent solution, of course, because they just ended up somewhere else. So we tested the Fruit Fly Ninja in two of our stores and the results were great. After this test, we decided to distribute the product to all of our supermarket stores.

What I especially like about the Fruit Fly Ninja is that it’s a tiny box that can be placed out of the view of the customers. In the past we’ve used other fruit fly traps, like special apples, but they were much bigger and had to be placed in full view of the customers. On the other hand, no one sees the Fruit Fly Ninja. That’s the key to its success. The store managers tell me it really works. The fruit flies crawl into the traps and not the juicers. The concept has really proven itself.”