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Fruit Fly Ninja traps get rid of fruit flies - and it’s super simple. Fruit Fly Ninja will trap the fruit flies before they have the chance to breed.

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Now online available in Australia at Fruit Fly Ninja Dan Murphy's fruit fly trap

Hospitality venues can also get our Pro Packs (12 Ninjas) at the following hospitality suppliers.


This online store is for consumers and to order test samples. The 1-Pack and 2-Pack are for consumers, retailers can contact us for 1-Packs in bulk. Pricing online is consistently higher than in our retail channels. For hotels, restaurants and green grocers, we have a special Pro Pack containing 12 Ninjas (traps). Our products are made of biodegradable materials and they are natural and non-toxic.

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Contact us when you're seeking to sell Ninjas in your store.


Alex Cooper, Licensee at THE OAKS HOTEL, Neutral Bay, Sydney metro
"We are happy with the product. Before we used Fruit Fly Ninja we used a spray but that didn't work well, we still had fruit flies flying around. [...] Then we got recommended to Fruit Fly Ninja by another venue, and yes it solved our problems. And it's so simple to use, just stick on walls. I haven't seen anything like this. I'd happily recommend this product to others, because it works and it's simple to use."

Damon Workman
"Seems to work really well. Put them up in a couple of tough spots and we saw an almost immediate reduction in the number of fruit flies."

Janet Weber
"This is the most amazing product for killing fruit flies. We were so impressed that we had to order more as we shared the first order with family and friends who were also impressed. We're all raving about."


Patents pending, made in Germany