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Everyone is familiar with the fruit fly problem. They swarm around the wastebasket at home, in the office or in the cafeteria. They gather around the kitchen countertop or sink. The fruit basket is also a popular hangout for these buggers. The Fruit Fly Ninja is an extremely effective fruit fly trap; by far the most effective trap there is. Because we have the best attractant in the world! Save yourself from unpleasant and unhygienic surroundings.

It is very easy to use. You don’t have to refill the trap with dirty fluids or any other substances. No difficult-to-open or hard plastic packaging, you don’t even have to put it together. Just twist off the cap, remove the liner from the tape and stick it close to the problem area. That's it!

The cheapest solution: the Fruit Fly Ninja’s are designed with a purpose. We didn’t waste any material to create an exotic shape like an apple for instance. The Ninja is also very small (± 3 x 5 cm) and contains just the right amount of attractant. It contains an organic fluid and even the packaging is biodegradable.

Alex Cooper, Licensee at THE OAKS HOTEL, Neutral Bay, Sydney metro
"We are happy with the product. Before we used Fruit Fly Ninja we used a spray but that didn't work well, we still had fruit flies flying around. [...] Then we got recommended to Fruit Fly Ninja by another venue, and yes it solved our problems. And it's so simple to use, just stick on walls. I haven't seen anything like this. I'd happily recommend this product to others, because it works and it's simple to use."

Damon Workman
"Seems to work really well. Put them up in a couple of tough spots and we saw an almost immediate reduction in the number of fruit flies."

Janet Weber
"This is the most amazing product for killing fruit flies. We were so impressed that we had to order more as we shared the first order with family and friends who were also impressed. We're all raving about."

Patents pending!